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Savannah Buist (Sav)

Born in Nashville, TN, Sav’s love of music began on a tour bus with her multi-instrumentalist father and R&B vocalist mother when she was three months old. At eleven, she picked up violin and dove headfirst into improvisational folk and jazz, reggae, funk, and rock. By sixteen, she’d become a versatile session player, composer, arranger, and performer. She added Takamine guitars, Fender basses, viola, mandolin, banjo, and musical saw to her arsenal, and went from writing novels to penning songs, drawing inspiration from heroes like Andrew Bird and Neko Case. Her songs are vulnerable, compelling, and saturated with vivid imagery, and colored with five-string violin arrangements thanks to her sponsors, Liquid and Knudson Electric Violins. She has been described by IPR as “one of the most compelling songwriters of our day.”

Katie Larson

Katie Larson grew up in Northern Michigan. Her musical family encouraged a range of eclectic influences, and in 2006 she started playing cello in her public elementary school’s music program. Now she is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer, who participates in film, design, art, and culinary adventures. Katie graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in 2014, and has since been a full-time studio session player, songwriter, and touring musician. In 2017 she started cataloging her stories about the food she finds on the road in a visual food blog

Michael Dause

Hailing from the suburb of Northville, in Detroit, Michael Dause banged on pots and pans at the early age of one…and never really stopped. The first “real” instrument he learned to “destroy” was those mini kid drum sets, at the age of two. Two years later, at the age of four, Dause’s grandfather got him a full-sized drum set for Christmas. At seven, he began his first lessons. In middle school, Dause taught himself how to play the guitar, and began writing his own songs in ninth grade.


Dause has released a couple of solo albums in 2014 and 2017 that can be found here!

Dause joined the Accidentals in 2014 after they met at a Michigan music festival.  When he plays with Katie and Sav, their synergy is undeniable.  “They’re fantastic musicians, and I love being able to lock in with them on stage.”


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