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Co-written with Kim Richey, Tom Paxton, Maia Sharp, Dar Williams, Mary Gauthier and Jaimee Harris! Signed and unsigned versions available.


"Backed by gorgeous swirling strings, Sav and Katie’s interlocking harmonies reflect on the simpler days—“Who knew we were/Drunk on borrowed time/Waiting on a wildfire.” However, rather than simply falling into nostalgia, the band looks to the future, hoping for the promise of new life and offering a simple hand of comfort. The video is similarly affecting, incorporating footage of the band’s years of touring and all of the small beautiful moments that are so sorely missed now. It’s both a reminder of treasured memories and a vision of hope for the days ahead. Check out the video below and watch out for the TIME OUT EP coming this May."      

Time Out Session #1 CD

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