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Bob is the guy selling all our merch. He sells our online merch and shows up at our shows and slings merch. He never lets us pay him and he always brings us something fresh from his garden at the Community Gardens or he makes us a cake. He is our real life #hero. We wrote a song for him and we'd love to see you wearing a shirt in his honor.  The whole world needs more Bob. 

Bob's song

Who’s got asparagus (Bob Bob)

Is always taking care of us (Bob, Bob)

Who’s shipping merchandise (Bob, Bob)

Giving out the good advice (Bob, Bob)


If you need a problem solver who’s quiet and tall

I’ll give you Bob’s number, you should give him a call


Cause Bob is a hero

Bob is a hero


Who’s in the pouring rain (Bob, Bob)

Making sure the tarp will hang (Bob, Bob)

Protecting all our instruments (Bob, Bob)

And making sure they don’t get wet (Bob, Bob)


If you need a kickass gardener who pickles his greens

I’ll give you Bob’s address, get your fill of the beans


Cause Bob is a hero

Bob is a hero


He’s wearing all our shirts, he’s selling all our merch

He lets you use his car, puts veggies in a jar

He’ll even let you take the best red velvet cake

In a cooler in your van, he really is the man


Bob is a hero

Bob is a hero

Bob Shirt

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