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"Defiant, young - powerful, and undaunted.” ~ Texas Lifestyle Magazine

Three Albums One Year

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"Among the most emotionally compelling songwriters of our time." ~ NPR

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The Accidentals are gonna flip your wig, violins, cellos, guitars, drums, it's outrageous...

~ Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)

The Accidentals are a female fronted, multi-instrumentalists, power trio.

Their music is dynamic and intelligent,

a blend of Neko Case lyrics, Jack White rock, and Queen dynamic.

It’s edgy, indie folk-influenced, pop rock.

Pop Matters

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The Accidentals - Count the Rings (Official Video)

The Accidentals - Count the Rings (Official Video)

Count The Rings - Have you ever seen a freshly cut tree? There are imperfect circle rings inside the trunk. One light ring and one dark ring represent one year of the tree's life. They are like a scar or story buried deep in the center of this living thing. People have internal rings too - sometimes these rings are dark rings that hold us back from living life the way we want to live. Some rings are light rings that allow us to grow and become. Count the Rings is about recognizing the lies you tell yourself to stay within what's safe, and protecting what hurts you. Sometimes you have to set fire to your self-imposed limitations to experience a fully lived life. We can choose. We are not limited to what we have learned or what we have experienced. This is that year for us. Not holding back, not steppin' down, standing strong. Going to live it loud in 21'. Filmed by Charlie Steen Drone footage by Jordan Awrey Edited by Charlie Steen Huge thanks to Kym and Luke Reynolds for the Excavator and the memories. ON TOUR Sept 29th w/ Sawyer Fredericks September 29-30 - City Opera House Traverse City MI October 1 - State Theatre of Bay City - Bay City MI October 2 - The Ark EARLY SHOW - Ann Arbor MI October 2 - The Ark LATE SHOW - Ann Arbor MI October 3 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland OH October 7 - Great Lakes Center for the Arts - Petoskey MI October 8 - Cheboygan Opera House - Cheboygan, MI October 9 - Calvin College Covenant Fine Arts Center - Grand Rapids MI October 10 - City Winery - Chicago IL October 13 - LMCU Mendel Center - Benton Harbor MI October 14 - Riverdog Music - Wakeman OH October 16 - Daryl's House Club - Pawling NY October 17 - Club Passim EARLY SHOW @ 5pm - Boston MA October 17 - Club Passim LATE SHOW @ 8pm - Boston MA October 20 - City Winery / The Loft - New York City, NY October 21 - Gateway City Arts - Holyoke, MA October 22 - The Linda - Albany NY October 23 - Jonathan's Restaurant - Ogunquit ME October 24 - Voices Cafe - Westport CT October 26 - Ardmore Music Hall - Ardmore PA October 27 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis MD October 28 - City Winery - Washington D.C. October 30 - The Evening Muse - Charlotte NC October 31 - City Winery - Atlanta GA November 3 - City Winery - Nashville TN for tickets
The Accidentals - Cityview (Official Video)

The Accidentals - Cityview (Official Video)

I wrote Cityview a few months into quarantine.  One of the last gigs we played before things shut down was Folk Alliance International, a giant convention that took place in New Orleans in February of 2020.  That year, Ani Difranco was talking to Ann Powers of NPR, and she answered a question with, ‘Beyond the eyes, the trains and the angels…’  I whipped out my phone, and the guy standing next to me said, ‘Yeah, you definitely should write that one down.’   A few months later, we did an online show in-the-round with Anna Tivel, and I fell in love with the way she writes songs tapping into untold stories.   I decided to write this song about other people's stories. Everyone you know is struggling with something, accepting something, working on something. They are all a reflection of our own fragility. How we react to things defines how we see ourselves. Becoming self-aware changes your perspective of the people around you.” The whole Vessel album is about perspective, how widening your perspective can help you see things clearer, help you focus on big picture instead of being consumed by details.  Cityview is the most stripped down, singer songwriter, Americana song on the album, it's also the most vulnerable song. Thanks to everyone that helped us make this video. Director: Brian Michael Raetz Editors: Brian Michael Raetz, Broderick Steele Composer: Savannah Shyan Buist Performed by The Accidentals #TheAccidentals #Cityview
The Accidentals - Eastern Standard Time (Official Video)

The Accidentals - Eastern Standard Time (Official Video)

Eastern Standard Time was co-written with one of our favorite writers, Peter Mulvey, over zoom. A Wisconsin native, Peter is known for riding his bike across the country with his guitar on his back, sharing stories and provocative wisdom in song form. We met Peter at Frederik Meijer Gardens during a Tuesday’s with Ralston Bowles and friends concert, (we were the “and friends”). After watching Peter’s set we added “writing a song with him” to our bucket list. A couple years later we played a “songwriters in the round” show with Peter at Folk Alliance International and agreed then, we would someday write a song together.. One day, out of the blue, Peter called. He said, “I gave my patrons (on Patreon) a prompt to write a song with a friend, I thought this would be a good time for us to make good on that promise." We found about five minutes into the co-write that we were both avid nature lovers, and we spent most of the call talking about fungi. Eventually we got around to talking about how our home states were connected, Peter being from WI and us being from MI, and how we both purposefully plan tours in the Upper Peninsula when the leaves are changing. With Peter’s guitar melody and refrain of “Eastern Standard Time” we started writing. The line, “Three fires burn from the old bloodlines,” pays homage to the Three Fires Council and the lineage of Native Americana that inhabited Mackinac Island dating back to 796 AD, later known as the Great Lakes Confederacy. The descriptions of northern beauty are underscored by thin cracks in the visage - the dangerous oil pipeline threatening our remaining freshwater resources; the long-lasting effects of colonization on indigenous people, and climate change as it affects us all. These are all things we were thinking about as we wrote Eastern Standard Time. The TIME OUT project is a collection of EPs featuring co-writes with songwriters that inspired and influenced us. Katie and I had never written a song with anyone before this project; our first co-write was set up by Sharon Corbitt, with Hall of Fame writer, Beth Nielsen Chapman. We were terrified. That co-write became “Circling Round” off of the Time Out Session #2 EP and working with Beth gave us the courage to try a second co-write. Again, Sharon reached out to Maia Sharp and "Just A Town" became the second song on Time Out Session #2. Maia and Beth are such great writers and just great people. They’ve got hit songs with so many artists yet there was no expectation or ego, just great conversation as we found a common we could all write about. As we were diving into co-writing we made a list of all the artists we would like to write with that have inspired and influenced us as writers. Among our early influences are writers such as Tom Paxton, Dar Williams, Gretchen Peters, Kim Richey, Gary Burr, Mary Gauthier, Peter Mulvey, and more. Rolling Stone called TIME OUT Session #1, "the anthem for uniting a busted America," and Wildfire, co-written with Kim Richey, was the #1 song at Folk Radio for the year. Time Out Session #1 was the #13 Album and All Shall Be Well, co-written with Mary Gauthier and Jaimee Harris, was #23 on the Folk Charts. Recorded in Nashville TN at our very own Crooked Moon Studios, the self-produced Time Out Session #2 EP featuring Beth Nielsen Chapman, Gretchen Peters, Gary Burr, Georgia Middleman, Maia Sharp, Peter Mulvey and Tom Paxton is set to release March 4th. Eastern Standard Time is the first single from the Time Out Session #2 EP. Our goal with Time Out Session #2 is to write songs that build bridges, celebrate our differences, find gratitude in grief, and remind us we are connected in our humanness. Director, Producer, and Editor: Elijah Allen Special thanks to our lifetime patrons for their support: Matthew Filla, John Luesing, Charlie Barron, Virgil Poma, Jim Johnson, Bob Smith, Vic and Peg Dubrowski, Alfred Skerpan, Bruce Humphrey, Anthony and Janet Barclay, Jason Sledd, Cheryl Jankovic, James Elliott, and Jake Ryan
The Accidentals - Night Train (Official Music Video)

The Accidentals - Night Train (Official Music Video)

Night Train might be one of our favorite co-writes. We wrote Night Train with Dar Williams. It’s rare you meet a story-teller as gifted as Dar. Dar was there (in a way) when I was born. The story is, her song, Beauty of the Rain, was playing on the portable speaker by the hospital bed. When we were just starting to tour, we were seventeen and eighteen and we had the chance to open for her at The Birchmere. She asked us to sit in on strings with her at the end of her set. That night truly felt full circle. When we knew these co-writes were going to become the TIME OUT EP, we reached out to her and asked her to write a song with us. We were absolutely blown away when she said yes. Over many zoom calls, we were enthralled by her stories of a train ride she took right before the world shut down. She wove a tale about the towns she passed through, the people she met, the landscape, the possibilities. It was so healing to listen to another musician talk about traveling and the power of community. We know the kind of magic you experience in meeting strangers, finding common ground, becoming friends in one conversation, and coming to the realization that we are more alike than not, and there is more goodness in the world than we might believe. Night Train became an anthem for our small towns, communities, our country, for the work we have to do, for the hope and light that exists. It’s about healing and investing in our future. It’s the rally call. This song seems really simple but it was one of the hardest to record - we ended up stripping down the drums at the last minute to let Katie's vocal and the story speak a little louder. In the final hour, middle of the night we were working on this tune and felt like it needed something to fill out the bridge so we sent it to Sav's dad and asked him to lay a piano track. Thank goodness he is usually available at 2am. We spent a little extra time on the vocals on this one - really trying to create a flow that felt natural. This is one of those songs that feels like it will stand the test of time. TIME OUT EP coming May 7th.
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